About us

JSC "Vitras-S" is one of the leading railway infrastructure construction companies in Lithuania. Since the start of its activities (1950), the company rebuilt the railway infrastructure which was destroyed during the war, built and reconstructed a number of railway stations and electrified the railway lines.

Over the years, the company grew and became stronger. Currently there are more than 100 employees working in the company, more than 20 of which are highly qualified transport infrastructure construction engineers. In 2014, the company's turnover exceeded 35 million LTL. The company is certified and has the necessary ISO and OHSAS certificates, enabling to participate in international projects. Engineers of the company have gained experience as general contractors and are capable of managing projects, coordinating their own actions and the actions of subcontractor organizations in large-scale projects.

Since 15 July 2014, JSC "Vitras-S" is part of the company group "Skinest Rail" which operates in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Poland. "Skinest Rail" group unites more than 15 companies that carry out activities related to railway infrastructure, upper track construction materials, rolling stock and rail freight transport.

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