Railway construction and repair

For more than 60 years, the main activities of the company are railway infrastructure construction and repair. More than one train station, several hundred kilometres of railway tracks and several hundred units of point transfers were installed throughout the entire operation period of the company. Ever since its establishment, the company strengthened and expanded its technical, production and intellectual base. Our highly skilled professionals and accumulated experience enable us to offer our clients complex, top-quality services, such as:

  • Railway track laying
  • Laying of point transfers
  • Laying of rail lashes, rail replacement
  • Correction of railways
  • Replacement of sleepers, turnout beams
  • Replacement of individual parts of the upper railway structure
  • Installation of rubber composite and reinforced-concrete crossings
  • Installation of pedestrian crossings
  • Installation of rail weighbridges
  • Installation of railway wagon shunting winches
  • Platform installation
  • Culvert installation
  • Water drainage tray installation
  • Demolition of railway tracks and structures
  • Welding of railway tracks

Currently the company provides its services both to the public railway infrastructure manager and private companies in Lithuania and abroad. It also participates in other projects by closely cooperating with other Skinest Group companies from Estonia, Russia, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine. 

Accumulated experience, as well as the technical and financial capacity of “Skinest Rail” company group enable the company to participate in the implementation of the largest railway infrastructure object since the restoration of Lithuania's independence – "Rail Baltica". 

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